1.Wer ist Yachtcenter24.com ?

Yachtcenter24 is your exclusive online marketplace for professionally marketing your products and services all over the world and geared to specific target groups.

Marketplace for:

  • Yachts/Boats
  • Maritime yellow pages
  • Chartering
  • Marinas
  • Motoren and engines
  • Trailers

Center24 e.U.
Im Meierhof 12/3
A-4040 Linz/Plesching

Tel: +43 (0)732 / 310 150

Fax: +43 (0)732 / 310 150-10

E-mail for general questions, data security issues, complaints: support(at)yachtcenter24.com
Commercial Register No: FN 313623k
VAT/UID: 64273716 , Commercial Court: Linz, Austria

2.What are cookies used for ?

> What are cookies used for on this page? Will they be used to save my data illegally?

No, personal data will not be stored without your consent.
Cookies are used first to delete temporarily stored data of the current listing process to prepare for the transfer into the SSL-secured page from where the ordering process can be effected.

  • Is is possible for me to place a listing via this portal, even though my cookies are deactived?

No, unfortunately not, cookies are a technical requirement to be able to list your items in the online marketplace.

> I always thought cookies are not safe?

It is true that cookies could be employed by some people for malicious practices. But since we do not save any personal data via cookie without your prior consent, this technology offers you actually more security compared with technologies that manage your personal and shopping cart data on the server. We thus prevent personal and shopping cart data from being stored over a longer period on our servers – and the shorter the period the harder it will be for hackers to access our system illegally.

The fact is, therefore, that the encrypted data we receive from you will only be on our servers for a few milliseconds.

The cookie also helps to automatically recognise you during your next visit and spares you from having to re-register.

3.How well are my personal information and data protected?

Is my personal information safe?

All data transmitted to us by customers are treated absolutely confidential.
The information is neither disseminated nor left with third persons in return for payment or for free.

Exempt from this are:

a) Disclosure in the event of a statutory obligation, a court order, legal proceedings or a tax audit, etc.

b) Disclosure in compliance with contractual obligations between parties to a contract (e. g., the additional purchase of services).

Our assistants are required to adhere to the Data Protection Act. Data transmission occurs securely via Secure Socket Layer (SSL encryption).

4.Who will help me when general questions, data security issues or complaints arise?

Who responds to my questions and complaints?

If you have questions, complaints or would like to obtain general information, please see below for options on how to contact us:

Postal address: Center24 e.U., Im Meierhof 12/3, A-4040 Linz/Plesching, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)732 / 310 150 Fax: +43 (0)732 / 310 150-10

E-mail: for general questions, data security issues, complaints: support(at)yachtcenter24.com

We strive to do our best to answer your questions quickly and competently. Our staff is available for you from Monday to Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM.

5.What are the advantages of Yachtcenter24?

1.There is no 3rd party advertising on Yachtcenter24 – only your products / services count.

2. Winning customers from all over the world through our global outlook

3. High access rates due to target-group specific online marketing

4. Cutting-edge news from the yachting industry, also provided by e-mail newsletter

5. Personal support und competent advice

6. Constant further development to increase your business success and much more.

6.How can I list a product on Yachtcenter 24 as a private seller?

In a few convenient steps you can list your vessel on Yachtcenter24.com:

1. First click on "Sell" in the upper navigation bar on the main page of Yachtcenter24.com.

2.Select the category in which you would like to place your item.
Yachts/Boats =>Motor Yacht/Sailing Yacht/Dinghies/Small Boats/Jetboat/Trailers/Motors and Engines

3. Then complete the fields/table and describe the item. The more details you provide, the higher the chances of finding potential buyers. After you have completed all fields, click "Next"

4. Now please register and provide contact details for your listing. Then click "Next"

5. You can now choose between two options. Select one of two packages: "FREE" => free of charge or "MORE" => subject to a charge.
Please find more information about the different features under package description.

6. In this step you can upload pictures, depending on the kind of package selected

7. The next click takes you to "Additional Options". You can even further increase your chance of success by choosing this option. More details are provided under this item.

8. The next step is a summary of your listing and the data you entered. You can edit your information by clicking "Back".

9. If you have selected the "More" package you will be directed to a secure encrypted page for payment.The following credit cards are accepted: Visa / Master / American-Express / Diners Club / JCB.

10. Afterwards you will receive two confirmation e-mails, documenting your successful registration and the placement of your listing.

7.How can I view or edit my user profile?

As a registered user you are able to edit or add information to your personal data.
1. Go to the main page and click on “My Account”. Select "Login".
As a username please enter your e-mail address that you have used to register.
Enter the same information for the password. After a successful login (visible on the upper side of the main page "You are logged in as: My Name") you can view or edit your profile under “My Account” = "Personal Information".

8.How can I view or edit my listing?

To view or edit your listing you need to log in on the upper navigation bar of the main page under "Login" or click on "My Account" and "Log in".
Under this item you will find a number of submenues, such as Personal Information / Personal Listings, etc. ....Please select "Personal Listings" and the listing you would like to edit. Then click on "Edit" on the right side. After having edited your listing, click below on "Save". Then all the changes you have made will be saved.

9.What are the available payment options?

Our online marketplace accepts the following credit cards: VISA / MASTER / AMERICAN-EXPRESS / DINERS CLUB / JCB

10.Problems with registration?

When you want to register on the portal, enter your username = (your e-mail address) and a corresponding password. From now on, this username and password will give you access to your personal information and the items you have listed or prepared. In case you have problems accessing your information you can either go to "Login" and Forgot Password? or send an e-mail with your information to support(at)yachtcenter24.com.

11.Why was my listed item cancelled?

After the expiration of four weeks, your listing will be automatically cancelled, unless you extend it by another four weeks. The listing may also be cancelled due to a violation of our general terms and conditions. This includes the use of pornographic or radical right-wing material.

12.How long is my listing active (listing period)?

Your listing will be active on Yachtcenter24.com for four weeks. You may extend this period by another four weeks.


We assume no liability for the use of services and their non-availability.